The Bar

Established in 1912, O’Dwyers bar is a treasure trove of bygone times. It has been brought into the 21st Century with a major refurbishment, while retaining a unique period character.

The feel is fresh while the look is of a space in which the clock has been turned back to bygone times (the mahogany over the main bar was hand carved). The proprietor Anthony O’Dwyer was unaware of the connection between ‘Dan Reddan’ the previous owner when he removed the modern face of the building and discovered the hand carved sign of ‘Dan Reddan’ underneath. His grandson the famous Eoin Reddan played rugby with Anthony in their local club – Old Crescent RFC.

Anthony has spent the last 10 years lovingly restoring this historic bar back to the character it should be. Perfect for a great night out or just the spot for a quiet midweek pint. Take a tour inside the bar for yourself!outside